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A Step-by-Step Guide to the Trial Process

Not everyone who breaks the law—be it civil or criminal—has to go to court. Most people choose to plead guilty or settle before having to go to trial. But, on the other hand, people also have the right to go to trial and make their arguments heard. If you plan on going to trial in […]

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Common Mistakes in Mock Trial and How to Avoid Them 

You may have heard that only you get one shot at making a good first impression. In a trial, this is true. The mock trial is the perfect opportunity to prepare for your case, but you need to practice as if it is your only opportunity to get your case right. We look at common […]

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Post-Trial Research: Why It Matters

Do you have doubts about the result of a trial? As advocates of your clients, your job is to represent their interests by knowing the ins and outs of their cases. You spend hours prepping and evaluating every piece of evidence and thoughts from the opposing side until the jury reveals their decision on the […]

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Trial Preparation Tips: Technology, Strategy, and Good Communication 

The trial is at the center of our great justice system. In a society where due process is a staple of our criminal justice, the trial—in many cases—is the battlefield where attorneys use evidence, witness testimony, timelines, expert testimony, and other tactics to defend their clients and present their case to the jury.  A lot […]

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The Art of Witness Preparation: A Vital Aspect of Getting Ready for Trial

Like everything else courtroom-movie-related, famous testimony scenes are a big part of our collective imagination thanks to popular culture, films, and television shows. Whether it is eloquent attorneys making their opening or closing statements to a wide-eyed jury, or a witness bursts out with ‘You can’t handle the truth,’ or a hushed courtroom awaiting as […]

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Mastering Jury Trial Preparation: Opening and Closing Statements

The American Bar Association deems a trial lawyer’s opening and closing statements as the bookends of your trial. Yes, they frame the opening and closing of your trial, but they also provide an opportunity for you to tell your client’s story and frame it in a particular way so that the jury might appreciate it […]

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