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Why is Witness Preparation Important?

Have you ever had to give a speech in front of a large crowd or an important presentation at work in front of your colleagues? Whether it’s just a few coworkers in the room or a dozen strangers, public speaking can be terrifying. In fact, it’s frequently rated as the number one fear most people have, above things like heights and snakes. Public speaking can be a bit brutal, but it can be even more so when you’re doing in a courtroom in order to help someone make their case, especially when the case itself deals with touchy or dark subjects. This is why witness preparation is so important.

The goal of bringing in witnesses is to present information to sway juries one way or the other while also presenting important facts for the case and ensuring the audience, lawyers, judge, and jury are all well-informed. However, this can go awry if a witness is not properly prepared to take the stand. This is where we come in. At Jonathan Leach, LLC, we can assist with witness preparation efforts that your lawyer may not have the chance to do because of how busy working a case can be. We’re here to provide aid to you, your lawyer, your witnesses, and others involved in the case to help it go more in your favor.

This is why witness preparation is vital to a successful case.

#1: Get the Facts Straight

The facts and testimonies presented by your witnesses can make or break the case. While the witness, of course, will have the facts stored in their minds already, presenting them, especially under the pressure of having to take the stand in a courtroom, can be muddling. Witness preparation helps them to organize the facts in order to get them straight and to be able to present them in a helpful manner.

#2: Ease Nervousness

Let’s face it: public speaking is rarely fun, and can be even less in the courtroom. But no matter where or what you are presenting, it’s definitely a lot easier to do when you’ve prepared. Witness preparation can help them ease their nervousness, allowing for a more successful testimony.

#3: Create Graphics (If Needed)

Sometimes, the facts and descriptions presented by a witness can be difficult to comprehend. One way around this is to create graphics, such as graphs, enlarged photos, and charts, to be presented with their statements. This can help the judge, jury, and audience obtain a better understanding of what is being presented to them.

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