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The Benefits of Visual and Auditory Presentations


When you were in school, sitting through a lecture, your teacher most likely relied on both visual and auditory tools to better give their presentation. Think about it. As your teacher spoke, they probably used a PowerPoint presentation or the chalkboard to illustrate their thoughts more clearly. But even with this visual aid, they probably added more than what was written on it, verbally. While lectures of topics we don’t particularly care about can be boring, these techniques probably helped to make this a more educational experience for you even if you didn’t realize it.

This is because the brain works even better to retain information when it’s presented with both visual and auditory stimuli. Presentations that are all verbal will most likely be completely lost on people who are visual learners and partially lost on people who are primarily auditory learners but who still rely on visual elements to pick up on things they might miss in conversation.

The same goes for in the courtroom. Most presentations in the courtroom are auditory, relying on the jury to fully pay attention to the words being spoken. When trial graphics are used to aid the auditory presentation, the jury, audience members, and other lawyers and officials in the room can better learn the facts being presented to them.

Here are a few benefits of using trial graphics in the courtroom.

#1: Beneficial for Both Visual and Auditory Learners

While researching a potential jury is possible, you might ever know if they prefer auditory or visual learning. By combining trial graphics with a vocal presentation, you get the best of both worlds.

#2: Facts and Numbers Are Easier to Present

Not everyone is good with numbers, and trial graphics help to account for that fact. Graphics can be used to show charts, graphs, and other visual displays of numbers to help ensure the jury fully understand the facts and statistics being presented to them.

#3: Harder to Digest Information Becomes More Digestible

The facts shared in a courtroom can be rather dark or gruesome at times. Using graphics in combination with photos, videos, and other evidence can help make this information more digestible.

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