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What’s Involved in Witness Preparation?

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In a given trial, witnesses can help you make or break your case. While the purpose of bringing on witnesses to have them share vital information that can help your case, their presentation and the questions they receive during the trial may actually sway your chances in the opposite direction. To avoid this, witness preparation is a good idea. This way, your witnesses enter the courtroom prepared to take the stand. Jonathan Leach, LLC is a trial consultant who offers witness preparation services that help to ensure that when your witnesses take the stand, they’re prepared to answer questions, give their statements, and feel confident while doing so, so the odds are more in your favor. Here’s what is involved in witness preparation.

Education, Psychology, & Communication: It’s All Involved

Pretty much everyone knows what it’s like to experience stage fright or fear of public speaking. Witness preparation utilizes strategies based on educational, psychological, and communication principles to help witnesses prepare to take the stand and speak in front of a potentially large audience. This helps them to feel more comfortable and get their message across more effectively.

What is Covered?

Witnesses in your case will be given tools, techniques, and strategies that they can use while on the stand. This includes hand gesture techniques, body language, tips for maintaining eye contact, and tips for managing their tone as they speak—which is important for making good impressions with the jury and others involved. We’ll also help them with managing anxiety. Many people deal with anxiety before a presentation, even ones that aren’t as intense as participating in a trial. We can give them advice and techniques to manage their anxiety before and during their presentation so they can feel better.

How Does it Help?

Your witnesses can make or break your case, whether intentionally or not. If they’re not prepared to take the witness stand or they experience a lot of anxiety before or during, it may inadvertently change how they present their witness statement to the audience. Preparation helps to ensure the desired result is achieved and that your witnesses feel comfortable during the whole ordeal.

Witness Preparation from Jonathan Leach, LLC

If you have witnesses to speak on your behalf during your trial and want to ensure everything goes smoothly, trial consulting and witness preparation from us can help. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.

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