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What Can a Trial Consultant Help You With?

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When going to trial, there are often many things you can do to prepare that unfortunately very often fall through the cracks of the process. This is where a trial consultant comes in. A trial consultant can help you with a wide variety of things that your lawyer might not be able to. We work with your lawyer to provide you with your best chance of winning your case. Here are a few things we can assist you with.

#1: Shadow Jury

We can conduct a shadow jury during your trial. A shadow jury sits in the audience each day and relays how the actual jury may be reacting to the information and evidence presented toward the case. This allows you and your lawyer to adjust the way you handle things in order to better your case and win back the jury.

#2: Research

We can conduct even more research so that you and your lawyer go in with all the information you need. This can include conducting mock trials and taking surveys in order to gain more information and insight to your case, the jury, the city demographics, and more.

#3: Trial Graphics

Trial graphics are great for presenting information to the jury and audience. Sometimes, when there are a lot of statistics and scientific information presented during the case, it can be hard to take in when only getting it audibly. By creating trial graphics, the jury is more likely to develop a better understanding of the information presented during the case.

#4: Witness Preparation

If you have witnesses on your case, witness preparation is a must. Without witness preparation, your witnesses may take the stand unprepared, scared, and nervous. By thoroughly prepping them, they’ll be able to share the information you need them to while also getting over their fear of public speaking.

#5: Trial Preparation

We can assist you with all aspects of trial preparation. With us, you don’t have to prepare alone.

Contact the Trial Consultant at Jonathan Leach, LLC Today!

If you have an upcoming trial and would like extra assistance in preparing for that trial, you’re in the right place. Jonathan Leach has served as a trial consultant on numerous cases, helping people prepare adequately and be successful. He works in conjunction with your lawyer, completing extra tasks and research that your lawyer might not have the time or resources to do. Contact us today to learn more about our various services. We look forward to helping you!

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