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The Art of Preparation: A Comprehensive Guide to Mock Trial Training

Whether you’re an aspiring attorney in El Paso or someone interested in the legal field, participating in mock trials provides a unique opportunity to practice critical skills such as research, public speaking, and strategic thinking.  Put your skills to the test with a mock trial with our team at Jonathan Leach, LLC. Our mock trials […]

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Litigation Consulting in Complex Cases: Navigating Challenges

Litigation can be a complex process. Whether you are an attorney representing a client in a legal dispute or an individual involved in a lawsuit, the challenges can be numerous. That’s where litigation consulting can make a difference. With the help of Jonathan Leach, LLC, we help attorneys, parties, clients, and witnesses in El Paso […]

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What Does a Trial Consultant Do?

How a Trial Consultant Can Help You Win Your Case If you are preparing for a contentious trial, it is important to use every tool available. Attorneys often turn to trial consultants to help them with everything from jury selection to witness preparation. Hiring a trial consultant can help you discover any weaknesses in your […]

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How Witness Preparation Can Make (Or Break) Your Trial

Many witnesses find questioning in trial to be a frightening setting, but this is where witness preparation can turn the scene around. Not only is witness preparation about telling the truth, but it also involves active listening, cooperating with attorneys, and much more. Of course, witness preparation can go one of two ways. It can […]

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A Step-by-Step Guide to the Trial Process

Not everyone who breaks the law—be it civil or criminal—has to go to court. Most people choose to plead guilty or settle before having to go to trial. But, on the other hand, people also have the right to go to trial and make their arguments heard. If you plan on going to trial in […]

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Trial Preparation Tips: Technology, Strategy, and Good Communication 

The trial is at the center of our great justice system. In a society where due process is a staple of our criminal justice, the trial—in many cases—is the battlefield where attorneys use evidence, witness testimony, timelines, expert testimony, and other tactics to defend their clients and present their case to the jury.  A lot […]

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Mastering Jury Trial Preparation: Opening and Closing Statements

The American Bar Association deems a trial lawyer’s opening and closing statements as the bookends of your trial. Yes, they frame the opening and closing of your trial, but they also provide an opportunity for you to tell your client’s story and frame it in a particular way so that the jury might appreciate it […]

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