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What Can a Trial Consultant Help You With?

gavel in courtroomIf you have an upcoming trial, a trial consultant will be able to help you and your attorney better prepare through research and education. Jonathan Leach, LLC is a trial consultant based in El Paso who can help people anywhere in the United States prep for an upcoming trial. Here are a few things a trial consultant can help you with.

1. Focus Groups & Jury Selections

As you know, juries are chosen at random; the names are pulled from driver’s license records and voter registrations. That being said, you never know who might end up on the jury for your case. Some of our strategies include conducting focus groups and making jury selections. We use focus groups to research how potential juries may react to the facts of the case and to aid us in determining who should be selected to serve on the jury for your trial. During a focus group, we present the facts of the case, ask questions, and go through your lawyer’s planned presentation and gauge their reactions. This helps us to predict how a jury may react in the courtroom and which demographics would be good to see on the jury.

When performing the jury selection, we ask questions based on a lot of the research pulled from the focus groups. This way, we ensure that we get a good group of people to take the stands.

2. Mock Trials

As trial consultants, we offer mock trials that allow you to practice for the real thing. During a mock trial, you and your witnesses can practice what you are going to say so you have more confidence for when it comes time to take the stand. We also practice opening statements, presentation of facts, and more to a group of unbiased, local residents during the trial so we can gauge how people will react in the courtroom.

3. Post-Verdict Research

Our work doesn’t stop once the trial ends. We will conduct post-verdict research to see what people on the jury thought about the facts that were presented, regardless of the verdict. This helps us to better understand how the case affects the community at large and what we can do to continuously improve for each person we assist.

Call Jonathan Leach, LLC

If you’re in need of a trial consultant to help you prepare for and win a case, Jonathan Leach, LLC has the skills and experience needed to help you. Contact us today to learn more about the various ways we can assist you.

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