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Four Benefits of Using Mock Trials

an empty courthouse before a mock trial Have you ever planned something down to a T—a party, a proposal, a school project, something—just for it to completely blow up and go wrong? If you have, you’re not alone. Such is life. But when it comes to a trial and winning a case, you don’t want to face that risk. Mock trials allow us to run through the case we’ve built for you and gauge how the audience and other attorneys may respond. This preparation method comes with many benefits, which is why it is one we frequently employ at Jonathan Leach, LLC when handling high-priority and bigger cases. Here are the benefits.

Benefit #1: They Allow Us to Gauge Responses

Sometimes, you never know how a particular audience member, jury member, or attorney will react when we present our case to them. Mock trials allow us to act out the trial in front of people who represent the audience, jury, and other attorneys in the room to see their reactions. From there, we can tweak and make changes to what and how we present to them.

Benefit #2: It’s Good Practice

Mock trials allow us to practice the trial. We can refine our methods, learn from what mistake are made, and use this practice to improve our overall presentation of the case.

Benefit #3: Increased Comfort

Mock trials give witnesses and other speakers a chance to practice, which can help them feel more comfortable when they take the stand. This is important because discomfort can lead to poorly articulated statements that don’t get the point across, meaning the jury and audience members may be lost during the presentation of the information.

Benefit #4: We Can Update Our Presentation

When we’re in the courtroom, it’s all about our presentation, including the presentation of timelines, evidence, and data, witness statements, and testimonies. A mock trial allows us to see how the presentation plays out and what kind of reactions it garners. From there, we can edit the presentation and strategize to be more successful.

Call Jonathan Leach, LLC Today!

Preparing for an upcoming trial can be rather difficult, and while your lawyer is dedicated to helping you, they may be too busy to get down to the nitty-gritty to perform mock trials and other preparation steps. This is where we come in. We apply our expertise to help you and your lawyer have a more successful trial. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and how we can help you!

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