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Category: Jury Selection

What We’ve Learned About Juries and Why the Sixth Amendment is Key 

Most people know that the sixth amendment is there to offer a key group of rights designed to make criminal persecutions fair, accurate, and legitimate. The sixth amendment guarantees a couple of things and perhaps the most commonly known is that of a jury and a speedy trial. The amendment, however, goes beyond that and […]

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Trial Themes: How Using an Effective Narrative Can Save Your Case

  If you’ve ever seen a movie that involves a trial scene, you’ll likely remember the impactful nature of the opening and closing statements. Equally as impactful are the questions that the lawyer asks the witnesses, always getting dramatic responses and raising eyebrows from the jury. The reason that courtroom scenes are so powerful in […]

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The Sixth Amendment and How It Came to Be

Embedded in the fibers of our justice system is the fundamental idea that all human lives are valuable and that freedom is an inalienable right. This is why our society does not take stripping someone’s freedom lightly. The system may not be perfect and it has its flaws, but when it comes down to it, […]

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