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Mastering Jury Trial Preparation: Opening and Closing Statements

The American Bar Association deems a trial lawyer’s opening and closing statements as the bookends of your trial. Yes, they frame the opening and closing of your trial, but they also provide an opportunity for you to tell your client’s story and frame it in a particular way so that the jury might appreciate it […]

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Trial Themes: How Using an Effective Narrative Can Save Your Case

  If you’ve ever seen a movie that involves a trial scene, you’ll likely remember the impactful nature of the opening and closing statements. Equally as impactful are the questions that the lawyer asks the witnesses, always getting dramatic responses and raising eyebrows from the jury. The reason that courtroom scenes are so powerful in […]

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The History of Focus Groups and How They Can Help Litigation Lawyers

Litigation lawyers have their plates full one hundred percent of the time. Whether they are defending a personal injury case, fraud, or intellectual property disputes trial lawyers are either involved in collecting evidence, calling insurance companies, digging up records, talking to witnesses, collecting data, conducting discovery, mediations, and preparing arguments and clients for trial. And […]

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