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Author: Jonathan Leach LLC

What Does a Trial Consultant Do?

How a Trial Consultant Can Help You Win Your Case If you are preparing for a contentious trial, it is important to use every tool available. Attorneys often turn to trial consultants to help them with everything from jury selection to witness preparation. Hiring a trial consultant can help you discover any weaknesses in your […]

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How a Mock Trial Can Help You Win Your Case

Why a Mock Trial Is a Key Part of Trial Preparation A mock trial can significantly help you prepare your case for trial. With a mock trial, you can gain unparalleled insight into your case and improve any potential areas of weakness before going in front of a jury.  At Jonathan Leach, LLC, we have […]

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Are Jury Consultants Real?

If you have an impending trial in El Paso and need to hire a jury consultant, look no further than Jonathan Leach. Whether you realize it or not, jury consultants are very real and often necessary to help you win your case. Skilled trial consultants can mean the difference between winning and losing in court […]

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What You Can Learn from a Mock Trial in El Paso

A mock trial is one of the strongest tools legal professionals could use to empower their ability to understand and influence the courtroom. Mock trials, simply put, teach us how to best respond to the stress and energy of the courtroom and to the opposing party. No matter the degree of your upcoming legal circumstances, […]

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How Witness Preparation Can Make (Or Break) Your Trial

Many witnesses find questioning in trial to be a frightening setting, but this is where witness preparation can turn the scene around. Not only is witness preparation about telling the truth, but it also involves active listening, cooperating with attorneys, and much more. Of course, witness preparation can go one of two ways. It can […]

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