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Are Jury Consultants Real?

Empty juror chairs in an El Paso courtroom.If you have an impending trial in El Paso and need to hire a jury consultant, look no further than Jonathan Leach. Whether you realize it or not, jury consultants are very real and often necessary to help you win your case. Skilled trial consultants can mean the difference between winning and losing in court because understanding and preparing for the jury is crucial.

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What are Jury Consultants and What do They Do? 

Jury consultants are professionals in the field of law, human behavior, behavior science, and other aspects having to do with understanding how people think. There are many things that jury consultants do to help you prepare for an upcoming trial case where juries are involved. 

Jury Selection 

One of the biggest keys to winning your case in a trial is having the right people on the jury. Jury consultants will help you with potential jury member interviews as well as help you choose the right people. It’s important to select individuals that you feel you can appeal to and who show a certain degree of common sense. A trial consultant can help you to that end. 

Witness Preparation 

A trial consultant will also help prepare your expert witnesses and those giving firsthand testimonies. While expert witnesses often know what to do and say on the stand, firsthand witnesses who aren’t experienced in the courtroom require education. It’s all too common for witnesses to freeze or let their tongues slip while they’re on the stand. We can ensure that your witnesses remain calm and say what you want them to when they’re being questioned. 

Develop Your Theme 

Another key to being successful in a trial is having a consistent theme to work with. Every case is different, and every judge and jury pool is different as well. It’s important to adapt your theme and strategy to the type of case you’re trying, as well as to who will give the final ruling. Contact us to learn more! 

Mock Trials

As with any profession, practice is essential to being successful. Consider professional athletes or musicians. They don’t simply show up on the day of their game or performance without having practiced for countless hours to prepare. Trying a case in front of a jury is no different. The more you practice, prepare, and run through all the possible outcomes and circumstances, the better you’ll be prepared. 

Visual Aids and Representations 

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, especially during a trial. You can say and do whatever you want, but your words won’t carry the weight of a picture or video. However, rather than simply displaying photos and videos, it’s important to show them at the right time, so they have the desired effect. 

That’s where a trial consultant comes into play. Through years of experience, we’ve perfected the how and when of visual representations and evidence. 

How Can an El Paso Jury Consultant Help Me? 

In addition to each of the things listed above, jury consultants can help you in several other ways. 

  • Ensure that you choose jurors who are fair, unbiased, and competent. 
  • Help you understand how jurors think and feel about certain things. 
  • Conducting focus groups for extra research and information. 
  • We conduct follow-up interviews after each trial so that we can better prepare for future trials such as yours. 

Contact an El Paso Trial Consultant to Learn More

If you live in El Paso or the surrounding area and have an impending trial case, Jonathan Leach is the jury consultant firm for the job. We can help prepare you, your legal team, and your witnesses for the upcoming trial. We’ll also ensure that you choose the right jurors, have the right theme, and know exactly how to represent your case in court. Contact us online or call (972) 890-8482 to learn more about how we provide the best chance to win your case.

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