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How a Mock Trial Can Help You Win Your Case

Why a Mock Trial Is a Key Part of Trial Preparation A mock trial can significantly help you prepare your case for trial. With a mock trial, you can gain unparalleled insight into your case and improve any potential areas of weakness before going in front of a jury.  At Jonathan Leach, LLC, we have […]

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Are Jury Consultants Real?

If you have an impending trial in El Paso and need to hire a jury consultant, look no further than Jonathan Leach. Whether you realize it or not, jury consultants are very real and often necessary to help you win your case. Skilled trial consultants can mean the difference between winning and losing in court […]

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The Art of Witness Preparation: A Vital Aspect of Getting Ready for Trial

Like everything else courtroom-movie-related, famous testimony scenes are a big part of our collective imagination thanks to popular culture, films, and television shows. Whether it is eloquent attorneys making their opening or closing statements to a wide-eyed jury, or a witness bursts out with ‘You can’t handle the truth,’ or a hushed courtroom awaiting as […]

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