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  • “Jonathan: thanks for your help at the trial. I have asked [my client, a co-defendant] to contribute to your courtroom work, since we were ‘free-riding’ on it. I was very impressed with your insights.”

    Margaret Zwisler, Esq.
    Latham & Watkins, LLP,
    Washington, D.C.

  • “[Our expert] took the stand early this week and performed exceptionally. All of us were very impressed. His improvement as a witness was incredible. All of his hard work, and certainly his time with you, paid off in full.”

    Bryan Moore, Esq.,
    Toxic Tort Litigation Group, Vinson & Elkins, LLP
    Austin, TX

    Vinson & Elkins, LLP

  • “[The witness] stayed on message. There were even a couple of moments where he scored some really good offensive points. Ultimately, they scored no points at all on him. I have to say, this is one of the most improved witnesses I have ever seen.”

    Justin Pierce, Esq.
    Venable, LLP
    Washington, D.C.

  • “You were an extremely important addition to the trial team. This will not be a one-shot deal for you with TXU. I will certainly use you again.”

    Lisa Winston, Vice President
    Labor & Employment, TXU Energy
    Dallas, TX

    TXU Energy

  • “Jonathan, your patience and your keen sense of humor saw us through. Please accept my esteem and gratitude.”

    Randall Romig, Vice President
    Adams Outdoor Advertising
    Atlanta, GA

  • “Thank you, Jonathan, for your invaluable help. Your advice each evening, and your ability to quietly influence the outcome of the trial, was sincerely appreciated.”

    David Miller, CEO
    AutoWax Company, Inc.,
    Dallas, TX

    Autowax Company

  • “I very much enjoyed working with you and was pleased with the focus groups, as well as the information you were able to provide as a result.”

    Steve Landon, Esq., Co-Head of Litigation
    Cadwell Sanford Deibert & Garry, LLP,
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    Cadwell Sanford Deibert & Garry

  • “Jonathan is top-drawer. His advice is invaluable when theming a case. He is also excellent in working with witnesses to ease their concerns, focus their message, and prepare them to withstand cross-examination.”

    Karen Hirschman, Esq., Co-Head of Litigation
    Vinson & Elkins, LLP,
    Dallas, TX

    Vinson & Elkins, LLP

  • “I’ve done projects with other jury consultants. This is the best jury-consulting experience I have ever had.”

    Christopher Barber, Esq.
    Steptoe & Johnson, LLP,
    Chicago, Illinois

Trial Consultant