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The Use of Jury Consultants in Legal Proceedings

Whether you’re involved in a civil case, criminal trial, or complex litigation, the jury’s composition and understanding of a case can significantly influence the verdict. In these scenarios, the expertise of a jury consultant becomes immeasurable. With meticulous jury research and strategic insights, a jury consultant can provide invaluable assistance to attorneys through jury research […]

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From Classroom to Courtroom: How Mock Trial Experience Affects Legal Careers

Mock trials are an essential part of legal education and training, offering law students and aspiring attorneys a practical, dynamic way to hone their advocacy skills. At Jonathan Leach, LLC, conducting mock trials is one way to understand how a courtroom will engage with your case. Contact us online or call (972) 890-8482 to learn […]

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What Is a Shadow Jury?

How a Shadow Jury May Help You Win Your Case During a jury trial, it may be challenging to get a good read on the jurors. You may be unsure whether a witness’s testimony seemed credible or if a piece of evidence was effective. A shadow jury can help you determine if your case is […]

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