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Author: Jonathan Leach LLC

Litigation Consulting in Complex Cases: Navigating Challenges

Litigation can be a complex process. Whether you are an attorney representing a client in a legal dispute or an individual involved in a lawsuit, the challenges can be numerous. That’s where litigation consulting can make a difference. With the help of Jonathan Leach, LLC, we help attorneys, parties, clients, and witnesses in El Paso […]

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From Classroom to Courtroom: How Mock Trial Experience Affects Legal Careers

Mock trials are an essential part of legal education and training, offering law students and aspiring attorneys a practical, dynamic way to hone their advocacy skills. At Jonathan Leach, LLC, conducting mock trials is one way to understand how a courtroom will engage with your case. Contact us online or call (972) 890-8482 to learn […]

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The Importance of Witness Preparation

How Witness Prep Can Help You Win Your Case One of the most important pieces of any trial is the witnesses that tell what happened. Just as a well-prepared witness can help prove your case, an ill-prepared witness can derail the entire trial. Witness preparation, therefore, can be critical to ensure that the individuals you […]

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What Is a Shadow Jury?

How a Shadow Jury May Help You Win Your Case During a jury trial, it may be challenging to get a good read on the jurors. You may be unsure whether a witness’s testimony seemed credible or if a piece of evidence was effective. A shadow jury can help you determine if your case is […]

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